Why does FCS Express RUO now include Flow, Image, High Content, and Advanced Multicycle?

FCS Express 7 RUO now includes access to flow cytometry, image cytometry, high content and advanced multicycle (cell cycle) features with your FCS Express 7 subscription. The change to include all functionality, previously accessible with separate versions and add-ons, is part of an effort to help simplify licensing for FCS Express users as well as to provide more features and compatibility with a growing number of flow cytometers that provide image and plate-based acquisition functionality.

If you currently hold an active FCS Express 7 RUO license subscription, you can activate all of the image, high content, and multicycle analysis functionality immediately by:

  1. Automatically, if you are using an internet dongle license, by updating to the latest 7.18.0015 release.
  2. Manually, if you are using a dongle, countercode, or internet dongle with a pre 7.18.0015 release, by updating your configuration file. Simply click on the File tab>System>Change your configuration and follow the steps in the wizard to update your configuration file. Select the same serial number you are currently using. Once updated, you will have full access to all of the features.

If neither of the 2 steps above are taken, at your next FCS Express renewal, the new functionality will become available to you automatically. If you need assistance updating your configuration file, or have more questions, please contact us via support@denovosoftware.com.

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