Can I disable the live updating feature?

FCS Express is designed to update your data in real-time. This means that any time a gate, quadrant, or marker moves, FCS Express will update your data as you move that object.

The speed at which FCS Express will respond to this live update will depend on several factors:

  • the quantity and size of the data being updated,
  • the number of downstream plots that need to be updated,
  • the number of child gates that are also updating as a result of the changes,
  • the number of downstream statistics that are updating in real-time,
  • and, the CPU specifications of the hardware being used.

If needed, the live updating feature can be turned off.

FCS Express controls the live updating feature in 2 places:

  • in your FCS Express User Options,
  • and, within your Layout Options.

Please expand the accordion below for more information regarding each of these options.

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