How do I update my network license after renewal?

After renewing your license, you will need to delete your old configuration file, run the configuration wizard, then run the countercode wizard. Please follow the steps below to complete the process.

  1. Delete your configuration file. Please view our full instructions on how to locate and delete your configuration manually.
  2. Configure FCS Express with your new configuration file. Once the old configuration file is deleted, run FCS Express.  When FCS Express is launched, the Configuration File Setup Wizard will automatically appear. Follow the steps in the wizard or see our configuration wizard instructions for additional details.
  3. Enter your countercode. Follow the instructions at to use the countercode wizard.

If you need to perform the steps above on a computer without access to the internet, please see our steps to manually configure  and/or to manually enter your countercode.

Additional License Renewal Information

FCS Express Network licenses can be renewed on the website by logging in to your De Novo Software account.  Once logged in click on your user icon and select My Account.

On the My Account page select either Active Orders or Order History to renew your license.