How can I set FCS Express so my FCS 3.0 biexponential data looks the same as it did in the BD FACSDiva software?

FCS Express will automatically display data files on the same scale as it was displayed in BD FACSDiva™ software when the data was acquired. This means that the data will display in linear, log or biexponential depending on how the data was displayed in BD FACSDiva software at the time of acquisition.

Please note that if you had scaled a plot to a population inside FACSDiva before exporting the file, then you will need to follow additional steps to make the plots look identical in FCS Express.

To Scale the biexponential transformation to a population

Right click on your plot, select Format and and go to the Axis category. Under Scale, uncheck Automatic and choose the gate to which you would like to scale in the With the gate drop down list.

Please view our biexponential scaling in FCS Express webpage for more information.

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