What happens if the user leaves the computer without logging out?

If a user leaves the computer with FCS Express still running but did not log out, the default behavior of FCS Express is to keep the session open until the user logs themselves out or the administrator logs the user out.

There are several ways to terminate a users session without them logging out.

  1. The user may log back into the software from any other computer that is running FCS Express and may choose to remotely log themselves out from the original session.
  2. The administrator may log in to FCS Express and manually log out any user that has left the software running. The administrator may do this from the File tab > Security > User Administration > Show Active Logins. Then, click on a user’s Login Name and press the Logout button.
  3. The administrator may define an idle time period after which a user will be automatically logged out. The idle time is a period where the user has not performed any action within the software. The administrator may set the idle time via the File tab > Security > Edit Security Configuration. Change the Idle time in seconds before user is logged out from 0 to an amount of time (in seconds) after which a user should be automatically logged out. For example, a value of 600 will change the automatic logout time to 10 minutes after the software is idle. The value of 0 is the default and represents an infinite value, or no idle logout time.
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