How do I export/save data from IDEAS software and load it in FCS Express?

Exporting from IDEAS Software: To enable use of Amnis IDEAS software derived data in FCS Express, you will simply need to save the .DAF and .CIF files associated with your .RIF file.

For every .DAF file for which you would like to access images, ensure there is a corresponding .CIF file located within the same folder.

Loading data from IDEAS software in FCS Express: To load a .DAF file in FCS Express use the steps below to load the data in FCS Express and view images.

  1. Choose the Data tab>Organize Data Sets>Data List.
  2. Click on the green plus button in the Data List.
  3. Choose Amnis DAF Files (*.daf) from the Files of type dropdown menu.
  4. Navigate to .DAF file saved from IDEAS Software.
  5. Click Open.
  6. Insert any plot type from the Insert Tab menu to load data into a plot.

Single cell images from the IDEAS data set may be viewed in a data grid, accessed through the Insert tab>General>Data Grid. Scroll to the far right in the data grid to view the single cell images associated with the experiment.

Please also see our full Amnis resources page.

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