Where is my configuration file saved on my Mac?

To find your configuration file on your Mac, please follow these instructions:

1. From your Desktop, while holding the Alt/Option button, click on the Go menu. The Library folder is a hidden folder. It will only appear if the Alt/Option button is held while clicking on the Go menu.

Note: On some Macs, you may need to hold the SHIFT button instead of or in addition to Alt/Option to see the Library folder.

2. Once in the Library folder, click on the De Novo Software folder. Within the De Novo Software folder, there will be a folder with the name of the edition of FCS Express that you purchased. The configuration file is located within this folder.

3. Also, as another option to find this folder, click on the Go menu, then select Go To Folder.

4. Within the Go To Folder window, type in either:

  • ~/Library/De Novo Software

  • ~/Library/De Novo Software/<FCS Express version name>





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