Why do I get an error about copying FCSExpressApp.exe?

If you have a network license of FCS Express, you may receive an error message about copying FCS Express App.exe, similar to below:


With a network license, all EXE and DLL files that are on the network are copied, or “cached” on the user’s local drive. The copying is done to improve startup speed, because it is faster to run an executable from a local drive than from a network drive. Every time the network installation is upgraded to a newer version the required files will be updated on your local drive.

The error message text explains that FCS Express is attempting to copy several executable files in the FCS Express folder on the network to a local drive (to the “cache” folder), but is unable to do so. The main reason for this is that user running FCS Express does not have permission to change the cached files. This commonly occurs under the following circumstances:

  1. FCS Express was run once on a particular computer, by a Windows administrator user. Thus, the cached files have administrator privileges and can only be subsequently modified by an administrator.
  2. FCS Express in the network folder was then upgraded.
  3. FCS Express was then run on that computer by a Windows non-admin user.

There may also be other circumstances that lead to this message, but there is a solution:

  1. Log in as an administrator
  2. Open Windows Explorer, and go to the folder specified in the error message, (i.e in the screenshot above C:\Program Data\De Novo Software\FCS Express 6 Flow Clinical\NetworkCache)
    1. Note: the folder on your computer may be different.
  3. Delete the NetworkCache folder. It will automatically be recreated the next time you run the software.
  4. Run FCS Express again as a non-administrator user.
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