Can FCS Express integrate Python scripts?

Although the popular algorithms for high-dimensional data analysis in cytometry are already embedded into FCS Express and do not require any additional external software or “plugins”, we know that analysis might require custom algorithms for some advanced cases and researchers. If your research group needs additional flexibility then FCS Express allows you to run Python scripts via the Python Transformation pipeline step.

FCS Express can integrate Python scripts via the Python Transformation pipeline step. The Python pipeline step allows users to run their own Python scripts as part of FCS Express pipelines and work on the resulting output directly within FCS Express.

To set up your machine for Python transformations, please complete the following installation instructions.

Please note: in FCS Express 7.18, Python versions 3.11 and later are not yet compatible. The Python transformation cannot yet be run in the Mac version of FCS Express.

Some example scripts are presented below. Please see our full documentation on using the Python pipeline step in the FCS Express manual for more information on creating and implementing scripts.

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