Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

What is Flow Cytometry?

Flow cytometry is widely used in biological research to study a wide range of organisms, including plant cells, yeasts and bacteria. It also has many applications in the routine clinical laboratory. With an increasing number of fluorescent dyes becoming available and an expanding range of monoclonal antibodies, one of the major probes employed, the applications continue to grow. The growth is also fostered by continuing improvements in the hardware and associated software.

Today, every biological scientist needs to have basic knowledge of flow cytometry in order to utilise properly the technique and have a better understanding of other people’s data, even if they do not use it in their own research. (Ormerod, M.G., ed., 2009. Flow Cytometry: A Basic Introduction)

Why use FCS Express for Flow Cytometry Data Analysis?

FCS Express is the premiere flow and image cytometry data analysis software. A modern, Microsoft Office™ style interface combined with powerful analysis capabilities makes FCS Express the tool of choice for both research and clinical labs. FCS Express facilitates easy creation of plots, graphs, and statistics in layouts that can be customized to your specific needs. See what FCS Express can do for you today by downloading a free 30 day trial.

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