Licensing Options

A De Novo Software is proud to bring you FCS Express. We believe that FCS Express provides so many great features at such a great price that it is the best product of its kind for the Windows and Mac platforms. We offer several licensing models to give you the flexibility you need when using our software. With many of our licensing options you can use FCS Express from as many computers as you would like, Mac or PC, anywhere in the world. 

Read below about our five unique options to decide which one is right for you.

Internet Dongle

If you purchase the internet dongle licensing option, you will be required to log in to your account when you start the software. This allows you to use FCS Express on any computer in the world, as long as it is connected to the internet. You can only be logged in from one computer at a time.

The chief advantage is that you can use FCS Express on multiple computers anywhere in the world without having to remember to bring a hardware dongle. Also, there is no dongle to lose.

The chief disadvantage is that the computer you are using must be connected to the internet.

More information and frequently asked questions about the internet dongle can be found in our Internet Dongle knowledge base section. 

Note: Users will need a De Novo Software account to be added to a license. Potential users can register for an account at

The license administrator can add as many users as they would like on an internet dongle purchase.

The number of simultaneous users will be limited to the number of licenses that have been purchased.

Multiple internet dongle licenses may also be combined so multiple users can log into the same account simultaneously. If you have purchased multiple internet dongle licenses in one order they will be combined automatically. If you have purchased multiple licenses in different orders you may request to have the licenses combined at any time by contacting us at

If you wish to purchase additional simultaneous users for your existing internet dongle account, please contact us prior to making your purchase.

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