FCS Express Site License Pricing

An FCS Express site license will support any core facility or company by providing all researchers at your location access to FCS Express to analyze your Flow and Image Cytometry, as well as high content and multicycle analysis features. Site licenses are linked to specific users and not a hardware address allowing researchers the ultimate flexibility to use FCS Express on any computer, Mac or PC, and as many computers as they would like.

Site licenses are billed at an annual minimum cost shown below.

Minimum Annual Costs:

Academic Pricing: $6,500 Corporate Pricing: $10,000

The minimum annual cost is paid at the beginning of the term. The minimum cost covers between 1-25 users with no additional costs giving exceptional value with as few as 10-12 users. Any costs for usage above the minimum fee (overage) are calculated and charged at the end of the term. Usage over the minimum fee is calculated quarterly so you only "pay for what you use" during each quarter. Usage is calculated by counting the number of users logged in each quarter, dividing by four, to get the number of users for the year.

Please contact support@denovosoftware.com to speak with one of our site license experts with any questions.

Note: All the prices quoted on this page are for non-commercial use. That means that the prices below do not apply if you use the product in connection with any commercial activities, which includes (without limitation) use of the product in connection with any services that you provide to your clients or customers, regardless of the manner in which you are compensated by those clients or customers. For information about use in a commercial environment, please contact support@denovosoftware.com

Site License User Cost Basis
Used to calculate billing against the annual minimum cost

Number of Users / Tiers
(prices per user, per year)
Academic Discount Price Corporate Price
Users 1-25
(included in annual minimum cost)
$260 $400
Users 26-50
$234 $361
Users 51-75 $198 $305
Users 76-100 $187 $288
Users 100+ $173 $266

FCS Express 7 site licenses include flow cytometry, image cytometry, high content, and advanced cell cycle analysis functionality.