FCS Express™ Downloads

The current FCS Express™ RUO release: 7.20.0023.  See the full FCS Express™ 7 release notes. 

The links below allow you to download the latest release of FCS Express™ Research Use Only Edition.  If you need the installer for a previous RUO build, please email us at support@denovosoftware.com.

If you are looking for the installer for FCS Express™ Clinical Edition, please click here.

Please visit our Installations Page for detailed installation and configuration instructions.

Please note that after layouts are saved in 7.20.0020, they will no longer be able to be opened in previous releases of FCS Express. There are a significant number of fixes and enhancements in the latest release, including an update in the way quadrants are created and used. Additional information is available here.

For 32 Bit Windows

If you require FCS Express 7 for Windows 32-bit, please contact us at support@denovosoftware.com.