What's New in FCS Express 7?

FCS Express 7 is the result of close collaborations between De Novo Software and scientists around the world. Version 7 builds on 20+ years of experience in flow and image cytometry data analysis.  Customers have asked for new visualizations for experiments,  easier ways to distill highly multi-parametric data sets, more speed, and many other improvements to help facilitate getting results. The team at De Novo Software has responded with the latest release of the FCS Express legacy. Please read about some of the new and exciting features below and see our extensive list of improvements in the FCS Express 7 release notes.


FCS Express 7.12.0005 was released in December 2021 shortly after the release of 7.10.0007. Updates below are inclusive of both releases. The release contains compatibility, performance, new feature improvements. The latest update provides:

FCS Express 7.08.0018 was released in July 2021 and contains numerous enhancements based on customer input as well as many performance improvements. The update included new Summary Charts (Beeswarm and Violin), Levey Jennings plots, "live" updating compensation and unmixing, automatic spillover spreading matrix, automatic cross staining index, and many additions to pipelines. Check out the new features from 7.08.0018 below and in our full release notes.

The new version of FCS Express 7 allows to easily create Summary charts in Violin and Beeswarm style.  Both styles may be combined with the already-existing Box and Whisker style.


Levey Jennings plots allow you to visualize quality control data to ensure test metrics are stable over time and fall within a predetermined range.
The new Export to Spreadsheet batch actions allows users to batch statistics directly into integrated spreadsheets to facilitate and speed up formula/chart creation.


New functionality from previous FCS Express 7 releases below

The 7.06.0015 release of FCS Express 7 included tons of new functionality and over 100 improvements based on the feedback from cytometry professionals. See what was released below.

Pipelines in FCS Express are a set of data processing steps that stand alone or are connected in series.  The output of a step can be applied to a data file or utilized as the input of the next step, or series of steps, that may be applied to your data. No plugins, no programming, just results! See our full list of all available steps.

The vast majority of commonly used algorithms for data analysis are actually pipelines, with tSNE (and its variants) and SPADE being two examples. However, when those algorithms are implemented as a one calculation, user customizations are limited to the what the specific implementation allows. Pipelines in FCS Express increase the computational flexibility and granularity of running algorithms and data transformations while giving users the unique ability to create their own transformations.

A pipeline is made of individual data processing steps with each step performing a specific calculation/transformation.  To get started using Pipelines for your analysis TODAY, please click here.

Pre-defined pipeline steps make accessing commonly used algorithms and data processing steps easy.
FCS Express provides a wide variety of pipeline steps for you to choose from. See our full list of all available steps and contact us if there are steps you are interested incorporating into FCS Express that are not yet available.



Box and Whisker Plots

Box and Whisker Plots allow you to visualize the distribution of your data according to quartiles, where the middle two quartiles are represented by a mean- or median-bisected box, and the outer two by whiskers. Individual data points within each set may be denoted by points, and the appearance of outliers can also be visually emphasized.

Gates Heat Maps

Create array style heat maps for gated populations across multiple data files.

Parameter Heat Maps

Create array style heat maps for parameters and populations across multiple data files.





Subtraction Plots

Subtraction plots automatically calculate channel by channel subtraction, addition, division, and overton results with a single click.

NxN Plots

With a single click automatically visualize all parameters across a sample or multiple overlaid samples in histograms, parameters arranged by X axis, parameters arranged by Y axis, all combinations, all combinations used during compensation, or Color by All Parameters used in a tSNE transformation. Pick and choose which parameters to plot easily and quickly in all NxN plot types.

Parameter Overlays

Quickly create overlays for all parameters in a data file in a histogram.