FCS Express Features

FCS Express focuses on turning your flow cytometry and image cytometry data into results.

FCS Express empowers you with rapid data analysis using industry-leading tools, creating publication-ready plots, providing advanced gating tools, and more.  Get to your results faster with direct export to PowerPoint , PDF, Excel, Word, and high-resolution image formats.




Feature Highlights

The Graphpad Prism integration allows you to export results directly into GraphPad Prism via any of the following Prism table types:

  • XY Table
  • Column Table
  • Grouped Table

Export values to a new or existing Prism project file through Batch Processing.

The user friendly interface allows you to organize your data by defining Row Titles and Column Titles according to keywords in your data files.
The data table will be populated in Prism without needing to copy and paste values.
Quickly generate the graphs you need after exporting.