To analyze cell sub populations, you create gates and apply those gates using one of many methods. In FCS Express, plots and statistics update immediately in real time as you move gates, markers, or quadrants, allowing you to evaluate your gate placement on the go.

FCS Express supports five types of drawing gates, and another type, called combination gates, which can combine any number of other gates in several ways. You can create an unlimited numbers of gates or create a gate matrix. You can also create gates directly on images with FCS Express Image Cytometry.

Rectangular Gates: Gates that are in a square shape. Elliptical Gates: Gates that are in an elliptical shape. Polygonal Gates: Gates that are in the shape of a polygon which are defined by several vertices and straight lines connecting the vertices.
Freeform Gates: Gates that are drawn in an arbitrary shape. The gate boundaries can be curved. 1D Gates: Gates that exist only in one dimension. Well Gating on Heat Maps: Gates that are applied to one or many wells on a heat map plot.
  Well Gating only available with high content add-on.

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