Batch Processing

Many experiments involve analyzing hundreds of samples using the exact same analysis protocol. To report the results, the scientist usually increments through the samples, writes down the statistics of interest, enters all these statistics into a spreadsheet, and makes calculations.  For a simple figure, it may require hours of copying and pasting  plots into another third-party software for further formatting. FCS Express saves you from these tedious workflows with powerful batch processing.


With FCS Express, set up your analysis protocol the way you want. Then, run the batch process for the files you wish to analyze, and FCS Express will iterate through all your files using this analysis protocol. You can save the layout as a template to reused when the experiment is repeated.  You can choose whether you want all your results printed, saved as images, exported as a PowerPoint presentation, generate an Excel document, or create an image at any resolution, and much more.

In FCS Express Flow IVD, these reports, added as items to the Batch Actions List, can be set to run automatically based upon user-defined criteria.  If a condition is met, the action will be run in the batch processing.

FCS Express offers three Batch Processing run modes for versatility and flexibility in your data analysis.

Please expand each section to learn when and how to use each mode.

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