Kinetics Analysis

Most flow cytometers are capable of providing kinetics data by recording a time parameter in the FCS file. Kinetics experiments are particularly useful for examining changes in DNA content, antibody binding, and calcium flux. By adding a fluorescent marker to a sample and monitoring influx, efflux, or binding of the dye over time, unique information can be gathered. FCS Express offers the capability to display and analyze kinetics data in an easy and user-friendly manner, while updating your plots as your analysis changes.

FCS Express can plot many different parameters and statistics versus time, such as:

  • Arithmetic Mean
  • Geometric Mean
  • Median
  • Count
  • Percentage Above Threshold
  • Any Parameter Math functions/formulas

FCS Express allows you to format and gate kinetics plots, show related statistics, insert tokens.  All of these actions happen in real-time, so your analysis updates as changes are made to your layout.

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