Index Sorting

Index sorting allows researchers to review the complete phenotype of every single event sorted into a plate and associate that event with all sorted and non-sorted events.

FCS Express allows for the analysis and reporting of index sorting data using Heat Maps along with the standard plot offerings. 

*The High Content add-on must be enabled for your license to use heat maps for index sorting data analysis.  If you have an active FCS Express 7 subscription and High Content is not enabled, please email us at*

FCS Express currently supports index sorting data files from the following instruments (please click links for full support documentation):


For index sort data, Heat maps will display the number of events (usually one) and parameter-based phenotypic data for all sorted events.

Wells may be gated individually, or as groups, with the well gates backgated onto other plots to view the individually sorted cells in the context of the entire acquired/sorted samples.

All heat map functionality is available for use with index sorting data. FCS Express offers a number of features, including Emphasized Well Gates, to properly analyze Index Sort Data.

Standard Well Gate versus Emphasized Well Gate on Influx Index Sorting Data


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