FCS Express allows you to access statistics in many convenient ways. In addition to the traditional statistics that FCS Express has always offered, FCS Express offers several Statistical Functions via custom tokens:

FCS Express also allows you to work with familiar Microsoft Excel-like spreadsheets. Integrated spreadsheets are linked dynamically to your gates and data so as you make a gating adjustment, or change a data file, values, formula references and even integrated charts will update immediately.

Spreadsheet Marketing Page - Header

Below you see many of the statistics that are available for histograms and 2D plots.  These stats are arrayed in a Statistics window, which allows you to easily decide which stats to show within the displayed grid.

The Statistics window can be easily formatted to:

  • Add or remove columns
  • Rearrange columns
  • Change fonts
  • Change gates to display (for gate statistics)
  • Show calibrated or uncalibrated statistics for channel calibration
  • Show statistics in scientific notation
  • Show a % of custom denominator gate
Gate Statistics window before formatting
Gate Statistics window after the following formatting changes:

  • Overlay # column removed and X Standard Deviation column added
  • font type and size
  • scatter gate no longer displayed
  • columns in the window are also being rearranged by dragging

Many different statistics are available, including percentiles, percent parent / grandparent, and robust CVs, as well as all of the basic statistics needed for data analysis. You can also have "percent positive" and sample concentration calculated directly on the statistics screen. All statistics can be dragged and dropped to any location in the layout, dragged and dropped into an integrated spreadsheet, or copied to the clipboard for easy pasting into any Windows® program. Additionally,  statistics can be added to your exports in a Batch Process of your entire dataset.

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