Image Format Compatibility

De Novo software has collaborated with many imaging vendors to establish import compatibility for FCS Express.

FCS Express imports images, image analysis results, and image segmentation information from various instruments and image analysis packages to analyze data, create visualizations, and produce customized reports. While FCS Express is compatible with many formats, if there is no current compatibility for your image analysis results, you can likely work through an intermediate to generate files compatible with FCS Express.

FCS Express is compatible with the Image Cytometry Experiment data format (ICE Format), which is open to any producer of image cytometry instrumentation or software to standardize image cytometry data for import into other platforms. Please read more about the Image Cytometry Experiment Format, and view specifications on the ISAC Data Standards webpage.

In some cases, import compatibility with a single image analysis packages enables compatibility with many image formats (e.g. CellProfiler using Bio-Formats). In other cases, direct import of analysis results or links to imaging databases have been developed with specific vendors.

Compatibility Table

Product Name File Format Data DB Link
Amnis - IDEAS Version 6.2 and previous *.daf or *.fcs Yes N/A
Broad Institute - CellProfiler *.cpout Yes N/A
ChemoMetic - NucleoCounter NC-3000 *.ACS Yes N/A
Countstar *.ICE Yes N/A
Life Technologies - Tali Life Technologies Tali Data Folder Yes N/A
Molecular Devices - Image Express Velos (Isocyte) *.iso Yes Yes
Nexcelom - CBA Vision, K2, and Celigo *.NXDAT or *.ICE Yes N/A
ImageJ *.ijout Yes N/A
Perkin Elmer Vectra / InForm Software* *.tif or * .txt Yes N/A
Phase Holographic Imaging -  HoloMonitor App Suite *.ICE Yes N/A
Thermo Scientific - HCS Studio 2.0 *.ICE Yes N/A
TissueGnostics *.ICE Yes N/A
Yokogawa - CQ1
*.ICE Yes N/A

*Note: Image to gate linking for Vectra InForm data sets is only currently available for exports from InForm software releases prior to InForm 2.4.1. Raw data import an analysis is compatible with all InForm software releases. Future compatibility with image to gate linking for all InForm exports is planned.  

Perkin Elmer Acapella folder is available in FCS Express 7 but is only rated for legacy data file formats. Please contacts with compatibility questions. Columbus database link was deprecated with FCS Express 7.  

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