Can I work with data from PerkinElmer Instruments?

Perkin Elmer Examples and Instructions

FCS Express can read data from PerkinElmer Vectra® instrument when exported from InForm software and can also import data directly from some versions of PerkinElmer Columbus™ and Acapella® software to provide a seamless solution for advanced data analysis of single and multiparametric data sets.

By utilizing FCS Express down stream of the PerkinElmer Instruments you can quickly and easily work on any computer to move between all images, create easy to manipulate histograms and 2D plots, create and custom data displays and statistics, and finally export your completed analysis as PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel Reports. Please contact with any questions regarding compatibility with your Perkin Elmer instrument/software.

Notes: Image to gate linking for Vectra InForm data sets is only currently available for exports from InForm software releases prior to InForm 2.4.1. Raw data import an analysis is compatible with all InForm software releases. Future compatibility with image to gate linking for all InForm exports is planned.  Support for Columbus DataBase was deprecated in FCS Express Version 7.

Application Examples

Incorporating industry-leading optical technologies, PerkinElmer's Opera® High Content Screening System continues to be the world's most proven confocal microplate imaging solution for high throughput High Content Screening. FCS Express compliments these systems by providing easy to use software with robust reporting, statistical, and batch processing features. FCS Express works at the single cell level and dose response curves update dynamically as gates are adjusted. See for yourself while learning FCS Express with our Introduction to FCS Express Using Image Cytometry Features tutorial. You can also take a closer look by downloading the Opera Dose Response Powerpoint export for this experiment.



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