How do I display Summit data in FCS Express as it appears in the Summit Software?

FCS files in Summit software are displayed on a 0-256 linear or 0-100,000 logarithmic scale. However, the data are stored within the data files as 32 bit, with a range of 0-4,294,967,295. In FCS Express 7, data from Summit software is detected via the use of Instrument Specific Settings and will automatically be scaled to achieve the scaling seen in Summit software.

If your instrument specific settings have been changed, or the identification method has failed, or if you are using FCS Express 6, the 32 bit native values are displayed on the axes and used for subsequent calculations. The resulting plots may appear different than originally displayed in Summit software due to the different scales, and statistics (means and medians) will be based on the native values.

Please see our full documentation on configuring FCS Express Instrument Specific Settings to make a one time change so your data will be scaled and displayed as it was in Summit Software.

The change in preferences will result in data loaded in FCS Express as it was displayed in Summit Software. The images below show the same data set scaled with the FCS Express default options (top) and with the instrument specific settings updated. (below).

Plots in top row use default settings, while plots in bottom row use Summit Instrument Specific Settings. Linear parameters are displayed on left plots, and logarithmic parameters are displayed on right plots.


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