How do I re-establish data files that were linked to a layout?

When an FCS Express layout (a .FEY file) is saved as Linked, FCS Express by default will remember the relative pathway for the data that was used within that layout.

If the relative pathway is changed and the data is no longer located at the relative pathway to the layout, FCS Express will prompt the user to re-establish the link.

Re-Linking Your Data in an FCS Express Linked Layout

1.  Within the Select the Data Directory window, within the Load the file from the directory section, select the Folder icon.
2.  Navigate to the folder that contains your data.
3.  Select the folder, not the data files within the folder, then select Select Folder.
4.  If the data files that were originally linked to the layout are contained within that folder, the alert within the Select the Data Directory window will disappear.

Click OK.

5.  You will then receive a confirmation message that your linked data was successfully replaced.

Click Continue to continue analyzing your data in FCS Express.


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