How do I use BD Accuri CFlow files with Multicycle DNA analysis in FCS Express?

The Multicycle A/V plugin to FCS Express is fully compatible with BD Accuri C6 Software data. BD Accuri C6 Software data is acquired on a seven decade scale and when inserting a multicycle plot in FCS Express the data may look compressed as seen in the image below. To address the data scaling issue, you may either adjust your instrument specific settings for BD Accuri derived data sets or use FCS Express to easily zoom to the portion of the plot that contains your relevant data so you can get results quickly.

BD Accuri C6 Software data in a Multicycle plot before magnifying (resolution). BD Accuri C6 Software data in a Multicycle plot after magnifying (resolution).

Using Magnify (Resolution) to rescale Multicycle plots

Instructions Figures
1. Insert a multicycle plot for your BD Accuri C6 Software Data.
2. Right click on the plot.
3. Choose Magnify (Resolution).

Note: You must use Magnify (Resolution) and not Magnify (Axis). Magnify (Axis) will only zoom to that portion of the plot. Magnify (Resolution) will zoom to the portion of the plot and increase the resolution so there are enough events that multicycle may properly model the data.

4. Draw a region on the plot that encompasses the area to magnify. You generally want to zoom to that the data that covers as much of the visible portion of the plot as possible.
5. Optional: If you have purchased the full version of multicycle you may choose to manually select which cycle to use for the fit in the Multicycle Tab.
Your BD Accuri C6 data will now be properly scaled for modeling with Multicycle.
Once the data is properly scaled you may right click on the plot and choose Magnify (Axis) to zoom in on the data of interest.
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