Why am I receiving a message that FCS Express cannot connect to De Novo Software servers?

In certain installations and instances, FCS Express needs to connect to the internet to perform license validation and verification, including some dongle installations.

When support for Windows 7 ended in January 2020, it was found that some secure connections between FCS Express installations and our website (www.denovosoftware.com) may be limited and a Windows 7 patch and update are needed to connect to our systems to validate FCS Express licenses. The update is needed to support the latest TLS 1.1 security protocols. Please see more information from the Microsoft website.

FCS Express Internet Connection for Windows 7

If you receive a message that FCS Express cannot connect to De Novo Software's servers, or a similar message, please download and install the following windows patch and updates which will update Windows to the latest release and eliminate any connection issues with FCS Express

1. Download and install the Windows 7 patch from Microsoft at:


2. After downloading and installing the patch you will also need to download and install the following Windows update:

Windows 7 64 bit:


Windows 7 32 bit:


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