How can I view and convert my V3 layouts to FCS Express 7?

Due to the significant improvements and enhancements made in FCS Express 7, V3 layouts may not be opened directly in FCS Express 7.

If you attempt to open a V3 layout in FCS Express 7, you will get the following message:

However, the De Novo Software team is here to help you make the transition. Please send an email to and we will help you convert your layouts to the latest FCS Express format, so you can evaluate your analysis in the latest version of the software! If you decide to make the transition, we can help you plan to convert the rest of your layouts as well.

Note that V4 layouts may be opened in FCS Express 7, but saving in FCS Express 7 will mean that the template will not be able to open in V4. Therefore, when making the conversion to FCS Express 7, we suggest saving to another location or with a different name.

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