For an existing layout, can I change the way FCS Express remembers parameters?

By default, FCS Express remembers parameters by number. In the user options, this setting can be changed so FCS Express remembers parameters by name. That particular user option only applies to new layouts. To change the way FCS Express remembers parameters in an existing layout please follow the steps below.

  • Make sure your layout is saved (File tab > Save or Save As)
  • Click on the File tab
    • Click Options
    • In the General category, find the setting called "In new layouts, remember parameters by"
    • In the drop-down menu on the right, select the way you want FCS Express to remember parameters (Name or Number).

  • Click OK. The new setting will apply to all NEW layouts created thereafter.

Now you'll need to create a new layout from your existing layout.

  • Click the File tab; click New; click New from Existing

  • Select your existing layout that you previously saved. This is the layout for which you want to change the way parameters are remembered.

  • In the new layout, the parameters should now be remembered in the way you indicated in the user options.

If you'd like to check if a particular layout is remembering parameters by name or by number follow the steps below:

  • Open the layout of interest in FCS Express.
  • Click File tab; click Info; click Layout Options
  • Find the entry called "Parameters remembered by..."


A layout that currently remembers parameters by number can be converted to remember parameters by name, and vice-versa.


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