System Requirements and File Compatibility

File Compatibility

FCS Express can read listmode (FCS) data files from all manufacturers. FCS Express currently supports FCS Version 1 to FCS Version 3.1. FCS Express can read data files that were acquired on a Macintosh or any other operating system. Simply transfer the files to the computer on which you are running FCS Express (either via the network, cloud storage, flash drive, CD or any other method) and FCS Express will be able to load the data.

In addition to being able to load the raw listmode data from any instrument, FCS Express can also import the analysis/acquisition settings (gates, plots, markers, quadrants etc) from the BD FACSDiva™ and the BD Accuri C6™ flow cytometers.

System Requirements

  • Windows: FCS Express 7 can run on Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
    • 32-bit FCS Express will run in a 32-bit or 64-bit environment.
    • 64-bit FCS Express will run in a 64-bit environment.
    • Why choose 64-bit over 32-bit?
      • Computers running 64-bit applications generally have more resources, such as power or memory, that are available to them, compared to their 32-bit counterparts.
      • If you are analyzing large data files, or large datasets, and your computer is running a 64-bit operating system, a 64-bit application is suggested.
  • Mac:
    • If using FCS Express 7, macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) through macOS 11.01 (Big Sur) is supported.
      • ARM based Macs (M1 Apple Silicon) are not yet compatible with FCS Express 7.
    • If using FCS Express 6, macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) through macOS 10.14 (Mojave) is supported.
    • FCS Express 5 or less may be run in a Windows virtual machine environment on a Mac, such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

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