How can users be added to an internet dongle license?

The internet dongle licensing option allows an administrator to add as many specific user logins as needed for a particular license.

The number of concurrent users will be dependent on the number of licenses purchased.  In other words:

  • if you purchased 1 internet dongle license, you can add as many users to that license as needed, however, only one user can be logged into that license at a time.
  • if you purchased 5 internet dongle licenses, you can add as many users to that license as needed, however, only five users can be logged into that license at a time.

Users can be added to a license in 3 ways:


  • Through Online Registration
    • Setting up online registration will be very useful if you plan on adding multiple users to a license.
    • Online registration will allow you to create a link that can be distributed to new users who wish to register for a seat on your license.
    • Online registration can be set up to allow for confirmation by an administrator before that user can start using the license
  • Online Through My Account
    • For Administrators that do not have direct access to their FCS Express license or not consistent users of FCS Express, the following instructions detail how an Administrator can add users through My Account on the De Novo Software website.
    • Any user added to an internet dongle/site license must have a De Novo Software account.  A new user can create an account here.
1. Log into your De Novo Software account at
2. Click on Manage Site License and Internet Dongles.
3. Enter your license serial number and select the license.
4. Check the Get Users Automatically box.
5. Click Add.
6. In the Login Name field, enter the De Novo Software account of the user being added to the license.
7. Enter a Lab Name, if needed.
7. Verify that Allow Log In and Allow self-logout are enabled.
8. Select the Group to which this user will belong.  Most users will be Standard Users.
9. Click OK.

Please follow the links above for more information about the topic.

Please note that all users will need to register for a De Novo Software account in order to have their account added to an internet dongle license.

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