How do I rescale CytoFLEX data so it displays as it did at acquisition?

FCS Express is fully compatible with data from the Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX flow cytometer. Cytoflex data is acquired with a broad dynamic range, and when inserting a plot in FCS Express, the data may look compressed as seen in the images below at left.

The easiest way to ensure data is displayed in FCS Express as seen at the time of acquisition is to use CytoFLEX Instrument Specific Settings.


CytoFLEX data before instrument specific settings. CytoFLEX data after using instrument specific settings.

FCS Express also allows you to easily zoom to the portion of the plot that contains your relevant data so you can get results quickly. Simply right click on any plot and choose Magnify (Resolution). Draw a region around the portion of the plot to zoom to.


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