What is the Elapsed Time setting in the Gallios software and how do I convert it to real time?

The Gallios allows you to set Acquisition and Elapsed Time settings from the Cytometer Control screen or the Set Times dialog (as seen below). The elapsed time field will allow you to set the Elapsed Stop Time, which accounts for time in Pause mode. For details regarding the elapsed time settings in the Gallios Manual see pages 150-152.

FCS Express can be used to convert the Time parameter to real time through the use of the Parameter Math feature. To convert the Time parameter stored by the Gallios to real time please use the following formulas with parameter math:

For the FCS 2.0 dataset For the FCS 3.0 dataset

If P14 is the time parameter:

New Parameter=P14*(Elapsed time/1024)

If P14 is the time parameter:

New Parameter=P14*(Elapsed time/1048576)

If you want to see what Elapsed Time was used for your data file, you can look at the @PnX keyword in the data file, where n is the time parameter in that data file. The @PnX keyword is only located in the FCS 2.0 dataset of the Gallios file.


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