How do I change my configuration file?

A configuration file (ending in .CONFIG) for FCS Express is the license key that allows you to access FCS Express.

In certain cases, such as switching from a trial license to a purchased license, it may be necessary to change your configuration file.

The process to change your configuration file is outlined below and is generally a one-time procedure.

If you are having difficulty changing your configuration file, the team at De Novo Software is always here to help..

Steps to change your configuration file

Expand one of the options below to see how to swap out your configuration file.

  1. If you currently have FCS Express open, go to File > System > Change your Configuration.

2. Click Yes on the message that appears.

3. Within the Configuration File Setup Wizard, click Next and select the option Automatically through this wizard, and I already have a De Novo Software account.

4. Enter your De Novo Software account credentials.

5. Select the license of interest and click Next.

6. If you do not see the license that you are trying to access, it is because:

  • you are logged into the wrong account, or,
  • you have the incorrect version of FCS Express installed, or,
  • you do have any purchased licenses in your account, or,
  • you have not been registered with any specific license.

7. Click Finish.  FCS Express should launch at this point and prompt you for a login.

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