What happens to the users login in case of an unexpected interruption? For instance, a software crash, power failure, etc.

Since the user did not exit the program normally, the user’s session will still be active and will count as a concurrent user. If the user restarts FCS Express from the same computer, FCS Express will automatically clear out the previous session and start a new one, so only a single concurrent user will be used. Once the user exits the software normally, their session will be cleared. If the user does not restart FCS Express from the same computer, the session will expire after 5 minutes and the user will no longer count as a current user.

Note: as an example, if you are limited to only one concurrent user (ie. 1 license), and the software terminates abnormally on a computer, you will not be able to log in again from another computer until the 5 minute period has elapsed or the user has restarted the software from the same computer.

Note: The 5 minute period described above is your default “ping” time which can be changed to any value below 5 minutes from the File tab > SecurityEdit Security Configuration > Time between pings to the database for keeping user session alivePlease see this page for more details.

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