What are the details for the network architecture of FCS Express?

The information presented below serves as a way for our customers to better understand how a Network Installation of FCS Express works. Prior to installation, please review the concepts and details below to better understand how the network version of FCS Express works. Please see our full Network Installation Instructions when you are ready to proceed.

  • FCS Express Network is installed on a central network location. The network is simply acting as a fileshare.
  • A shortcut to the FCS Express executable file on the network is created on a local workstation.  This local workstation will be referred to as the Client.
  • When the program is launched from the shortcut, FCS Express will be executed on the client, not on the network. In other words, FCS Express will use the resources of the client, rather than the network, to run the application.
  • On the initial launch of FCS Express on a local workstation, a network cache will be created in the ProgramData folder of the client.
  • The network cache is a folder that contains most of the application files needed for FCS Express to run on the client.
  • If the FCS Express version on the network changes, FCS Express will detect this and copy the updated files to the network cache
  • If FCS Express cannot copy files to the network cache (due to the user not having valid permissions for example) FCS Express will be executed from the network location.
    • If there is already an established network cache folder on the client, and the local user does not have the proper permissions to update the cache, FCS Express will run using the outdated app files currently in the cache folder.
  • The files that make up the network cache will be downloaded from the network location to the ProgramData folder on the local workstation.
  • By default, ProgramData is a hidden folder in the Windows operating system.
    • To show hidden folders in Windows, click here.
  • Directions to install a network license of FCS Express can be found here.
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