Compensation in FCS Express

With FCS Express you don't have to throw data away just because it was improperly compensated on the instrument. You can compensate your data directly on your analysis computer. FCS Express automatically calculates your compensation once your files are added.  Any adjustments to the auto-created gates and markers will result in real-time updating of your compensation matrix.  FCS Express allows you to have many compensation sets defined for the same layout. That means that you can have files from different days open in the same layout, and each of them can be using a different set of compensation settings. You can also store your compensation settings directly with the FCS file or in the layout, so that every time you load up your data, the proper compensation will automatically be applied.

FCS Express provides two convenient ways to compensate your data. Jump to Automatic Compensation or Manual Compensation.


The compensations navigator helps organize your compensations and makes them accessible with one click. Use the navigator for many common commands such as renaming, deleting, adding, and copy and pasting compensations. Color coding will help visualize high and low values.

Compensation Navigator

New drag and drop capabilities allow you to apply any compensation to any plot with one click. You can even drag and drop compensation definitions from one layout to another!

Apply Compensation with Drag and Drop

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