Data quality and transparency in methods are essential to any scientific workflow. However, despite the need for greater control and visibility over the algorithms that process your data, today's researchers are often met with algorithmic black boxes and complex programming requirements when reaching for the latest or most appropriate method to prepare and analyze their data.

FCS Express offers a solution tailored to the individual needs of all researchers with Pipelines. Skip the complex scripts, and stop worrying about how to learn to program. FCS Express has the right tools for the job built into the software without the need for external plugins. Pipelines work for both Flow and Image cytometry data sets giving you the ultimate flexibility and ability to visualize cells of interest from pipeline derived parameters back on your images!

Although not required for embedded algorithms, FCS Express 7 allows users keen in programming to integrate their own R/Python scripts in their layout.

Pipelines are a set of data processing steps that stand alone or are connected in series. The output of a step can be applied to a data file or utilized as the input of the next step, or series of steps, that may be applied to your data.



Go from raw data to results step-by-step. Pipelines provide control and flexibility in data processing.

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