Marker, Quadrant, and Gate Locking/Visibility

Markers, quadrants, and gates have properties, which may be edited in order to set when they can be viewed or moved in an analysis. That also allows the designer of an analysis the ability to "lock" down movement of these items.   There are three options for Visibility and Allow Move:

  • Always (True)
  • Never (False)
  • Custom
    • Only when a conditional statement evaluates to true will the object, marker, quad, or gate be visible or editable.

Conditional rules may be especially useful when creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), such as only permitting marker or quadrant visibility, or plot / page visibility when at a specific step in the SOP.

For more details on using the specific visibility and locking features please see the Histogram MarkersQuadrants, and Gating sections in the FCS Express manual.

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