Clinical Tokens

FCS Express Flow Cytometry IVD combines ease-of-use with many critical features needed daily by clinical flow laboratories.  In response to customer feedback, the team at De Novo Software has incorporated specific tokens only available in the IVD version of FCS Express.  The tokens allow for triggering of actions, which are listed below, based on values or conditional statements:

  • Classification
  • Font Formatting (size, type, color, etc.)
  • Page Visibility
  • Batch Processing

Statistic Classifier tokens are limited to the Clinical version of FCS Express as they are more widely used by labs doing clinical types of analysis than those doing research assays. These types of tokens can be used to augment your quantitative assessments by classifying various statistics, such as the fluorescent intensity of an individual stained marker into standardized ranges such as "negative," "dim," "moderate," or "bright," based upon your hematopathologist's defined criteria.  Statistic Classifier tokens automatically can evaluate the results of other tokens used in your layout, such as interpreting a custom ratio token as "normal" or "abnormal," based upon your lab's own cutoff ranges.

In the example below, a Statistic Classifier classifies a sample based on the % viable cells, which updates as the quadrants are repositioned. Watch as the Sample Quality value evaluates to "Good," "Suboptimal," or "Unacceptable," depending upon the placement of the quadrants' central vertex. 

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