BD Accuri C6 Software Import

The BD Accuri C6 and C6 Plus are bench-top systems that deliver performance and features similar to those of the market-leading flow cytometers, yet it is easy even for novice users to set up and operate. The BD Accuri C6 Software that controls the C6 is easy to use and allows even a novice to quickly set up an experiment and acquire data.

FCS Express can load FCS files generated from the BD Accuri C6 Software, just like you can load data files from any other instrument. However, the BD Accuri C6 Software Importer allows you to import your entire experiment as well.

FCS Express is pleased to provide the BD Accuri C6 Software importer, which allows you to apply the sophisticated analysis features of FCS Express to the data acquired using BD Accuri C6 Software. FCS Express will import all of the experiment information from the BD Accuri C6 Software file including:

  • All plots on the Collect and Analyze tab.
  • The native, high resolution, 24 bit FCS data.
  • All gates with the proper gating hierarchy.
  • All compensation settings.
  • All markers and quadrants.
  • All plot formatting settings
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