Flow Cytometry Application Examples

FCS Express is one of the premier tools for analysis and reporting of your flow cytometry data. The application examples below illustrate how FCS Express can be used to create stunning reports while easily performing complex analysis.

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The Universal Antibody Titration Template in FCS Express provides users with an easy-to-use analysis template to evaluate and assess antibody titrations.  Open the layout and walk through the Startup Script or follow instructions provided within the layout Standard Operating Procedures.  After loading your titration data, adjust parameters, and modify or replace the scatter, negative staining, and positive staining gates as needed.  Use the custom tokens to manually enter Titration Antibody and Concentration information and FCS Express will automatically name your batch processing output/report files and populate your spreadsheet for your regression plots.

With a few user actions, the Universal Antibody Titration Layout auto-generates the following regression plots:  classic Stain Index, 84th Percentile Stain Index (Separation Index), Signal to noise ratio, and a comparison of the classic Stain Index and Separation Index.  The optimal antibody concentration to use is auto-calculated by FCS Express in a spreadsheet using 90% of the vMax from the Stain Index, Separation Index, Signal to noise ratio regression plots.  A second spreadsheet contains all the essential antibody titration statistics and is ready for export.  A single click on the Run icon from the Batch tab, batch processing will promptly export your titration report files.  Titration analysis is simple in FCS Express!

Note - the titration templates below are only compatible with FCS Express v7.08.0018 or higher.

5 point, 6 point, and 7 point Universal Antibody Titration templates are available here:

Download the 5 Point Layout

Download the 6 Point Layout

Download the 7 Point Layout

The webinar Performing Titration in FCS Express can be viewed below or at https://youtu.be/hcpT0oQvoY0.

View the full PDF instructions for step-by-step guidance on how to use the Universal Antibody Titration Template.

Would you like to see your Flow Cytometry Application in this list? If so please email us at support@denovosoftware.com.