FCS Express: Text Boxes

FCS Express harnesses the power of a complete word processor, right inside the program.  Adding text and information is as simple as adding a text box and typing. Using the standard text-formatting toolbar, you have complete format over the fonts, spacing, colors, bulleting, numbering, and anything else you could ever want. These pictures gives you a sense of how easy it is to add information to text boxes in your layout:

The text formatting toolbar allows easy access to a complete word processor for annotating your layouts in the desired style.

The text box on top was formatted to change font color, type, and size in just a few clicks, resulting in the bottom text box. Below is an example of just a few of the many flexible text box options available to FCS Express users.

Text boxes can also be put on plots, along with any statistics you want to be displayed. Once again, FCS Express allows you to be limited only by your own imagination. In this example, a Token (available in all FCS Express Professional versions) was inserted which displays the percent of the cells which fall into the marker.  And as you would expect, it updates live - when you move the marker, the statistic updates in the text box immediately.

Histogram with Text Box and Token added