Why switch from FlowJo to FCS Express?

All flow cytometry software packages include features for plotting, gating, and calculating basic statistics.  When the team at De Novo Software observed researchers and scientists in both academic and commercial settings, it became obvious that the challenges they faced with data analysis were not in producing plots, gates, and statistics.

Instead, the real challenges were downstream activities of performing advanced calculations, advanced statistics, graphing, presenting, and reporting results.

If you are currently using FlowJo and are having trouble arriving at publication quality results, find it hard learning an unfamiliar software interface, find yourself constantly having to copy and paste tables and graphics to other software packages, then FCS Express might be just what you are looking for!

With FCS Express your analysis is your final result and is exportable in many formats at any resolution desired by the publisher. 

FCS Express looks, feels, and works much like familiar Microsoft* Office software so with FCS Express, you are already almost an expert with the software before you even start. 

In FCS Express spreadsheets and graphs are integrated and directly linked to your data and gates. Say goodbye to copy and paste!

Live updating, publication quality, final results are built into FCS Express 7


If you are not using FCS Express stop and ask yourself how much time do you spend:

Copy and pasting from your data analysis software to Excel*, Prism, and other spreadsheet or graphing tools?

Have you ever created a chart in Excel and then needed to slightly move a gate resulting in an entire copy and paste of the flow cytometry data sets back to Excel?


Tweaking the formatting of flow cytometry graphs, plots, and axis to make them presentation ready?

Have you ever had to put a white text box over an axis label to simply present a graph?


Fighting with low resolution graphics just to achieve the requirements of your publisher?

Have you ever had to use multiple graphic editing tools just to arrive at a publication ready figure?

The FCS Express Difference

Other Flow Cytometry Software simply produces basic plots and statistics

With other software packages you only get basic plots and statistics which requires you to copy and paste to external software packages to create a final result. In some cases you may be using multiple external tools to generate spreadsheets, graphs, PowerPoint* presentations, figures for publication, and R scripts before you arrive at a final result.

FCS Express is a fully integrated analysis, statistics, graphing and reporting tool for GETTING RESULTS

With FCS Express analysis IS YOUR FINAL RESULT!

FCS Express utilizes integrated spreadsheets so your graphs and statistics update as your gates change. All graphics are directly exported to PowerPoint in high resolution and you can even choose to export individual graphics at up to 700 DPI for the ultimate ease in moving from analysis to publication ready result.

*Microsoft Office is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation