Distributor: Merkel Technologies Ltd.


Company Profile

Merkel Technologies Ltd is based near Tel Aviv, with extensive experience in sales & servicing of Research, Medical, Analytical & Diagnostic instrumentation. We are experienced in installation, training, servicing & upgrading of complex instrumentation including optical alignment, application support, sample introduction systems including hydraulic, flow, pneumatic and motion controls – as well as complex computer based acquisition/analysis workstations & software. These include image analysis, cell identification based on fluorescent labelled antibodies – and many other disciplines.

We routinely sell & service equipment throughout the Israeli research market, including all universities and research institutes. We have a well established reputation, and long term relationships with all inter-disciplinary service units of research and academic institutes.

We also provide sales and support services to customers in Europe.


With 33 years of experience in all aspects of technical and application support in the field of flow cytometry, cell sorting and flow imaging, Merkel Technologies Ltd are known as the "Go-To" company for customers wishing to implement solutions in cell (and other particle) analysis, sorting, imaging and reporting. Merkel Technologies and De Novo Software are glad to announce an agreement to perform sales and support of De Novo Software's entire suite of software products for flow cytometry and image analysis and reporting. The combination of the unique features offered in FCS Express software - together with Merkel's extensive experience in support of researchers in this exciting field - guarantee flow cytometry users a versatile and robust solution to all their flow cytometry and image analysis and reporting needs. Please feel free to contact Merkel Technologies for a no-obligation discussion about your flow cytometry needs.

Joint Webinar

The teams at De Novo Software and Merkel Technologies recently hosted a joint webinar to support mutual customers. Please view or download the video below to learn more about Getting Started with FCS Express 7.

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