Partnership: CellProfiler



The Carpenter lab at the Broad Institute develops advanced image analysis methods, with an emphasis on high-throughput screening microscopy. Many cellular phenotypes of interest to researchers require custom image analysis methods. They develop and test new algorithms and implement them into an easy-to-use, open-source software package called CellProfiler. They also develop advanced data mining methods, with an emphasis on image-based screening. Image-based screens generate extremely large, multidimensional data sets because images contain rich, quantifiable information for every individual cell. they develop and test new methods and procedures to statistically analyze and mine this data and implement them into an easy-to-use, open-source software package called CellProfiler Analyst.


The Carpenter Lab and and De Novo Software collaborate to allow data extracted from microscopy images by CellProfiler to be easily loaded into FCS Express Image or Plus. This combination provides biologists with the best of two worlds: the powerful segmentation and feature extraction capabilities of CellProfiler and the data mining and reporting capabilities of FCS Express. See our quick overview page of CellProfiler and FCS Express.