FCS Express: Tokens

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“I particularly appreciate the ability to track any keyword or statistical parameter and to place these into Excel spreadsheets with custom labels”

- Eric Sobel
Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology, University of Florida

FCS Express allows you to insert live-updating text, called Tokens, into a Text Box. Tokens appear on your layout and in exports as text, but are dynamically evaluated and can display information such as plot statistics, FCS file keywords, layout properties, and system information. For example, tokens can be used to display the number of pages in a layout, the percentage of events in a quadrant, and the instrument and date of sample acquisition. FCS Express 5 and 6 include custom token display types in which you can insert edit boxes, dropdown lists, and check boxes directly on the layout.

In the example below, Tokens are displayed as text highlighted in grey and are displaying keywords for the Sample ID and the cytometer used for data collection:

Tokens can also be dynamically incorporated into a plot, with or without freetext. The histogram below is displaying
the percent of cells in M1 as a token.

With the Clinical Version of FCS Express, tokens can utilize classifiers to display text based on another token and to trigger other options such as displaying a page in the layout. Visit the Clinical Tokens webpage for more details on these features.

Drag and Drop Tokens from Anywhere in the Layout

Tokens can be added to a statistics table or text box by dragging and dropping the token of interest. Navigators also allow the user to insert tokens from samples and data that is pages away.
In the example below:

  • A simple table was inserted on page 3 of the layout (Figure 1).
  • Plot 6 on page 1 was then dragged and dropped from the Layout Navigator into each column of the table (Figure 2).
  • The Paste Special dialog opens automatically and tokens were chosen to insert in the table (Figure 2).
  • The final product can be seen in in Figure 3.

Figure 1 - Text box table from page 3 of the layout.

Figure 2 - Plot 6 from page 1 was dragged and dropped via the Layout Navigator into the table on page 3.

Figure 3 - The final table on page 3 displaying token data from page 1.

Custom Tokens

Custom Tokens contain user-defined combinations of tokens and text to create custom statistics. The custom combinations are created using mathematical calculations and/or functional operators to define the Custom Token formula. These formulas can contain any token including Statistic tokens, Keyword tokens, or even other Custom Tokens. Once defined, Custom Tokens are inserted into text boxes the same way other tokens are inserted. During data analysis, the Custom Token formula is evaluated by FCS Express and the result is displayed or returned to the text box containing the Custom Token. With Custom Token formulas you can:

  • Create mathematical expressions to combine tokens and/or text.
  • Create conditional statements using IF..THEN..ELSE qualifiers.
  • Convert a string of numeric values into a text result such as Positive or Negative.

In the example below a custom token is displayed in the "Average # of Events" text box. The custom token formula is defined as the sum of the number of events found the whole cells gate for each sample, divided by 3.

Custom tokens can be placed into folders for easy organization.

Also see special Custom Token Display Types, providing increased flexibility for Custom Token display and functionality.