Pricing - FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry

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(all prices are in US Dollars)

We also have Bulk Discounts if you purchase more than 2 copies of a particular package.

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FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry Regular Price Academic Discount Price
Single standalone copy $5,000 $2,500
High Content Analysis $1,000 $750
Multicycle, first copy $950 $950
Multicycle, subsequent copies $300 $300
Publishing Hosting(Billed Annually) $200/Year $100/Year
There are three Standalone Licensing Options available:
Countercode no additional cost
Internet Dongle no additional cost
USB Dongle $35 additional cost

FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry
Network Version
Regular Price Academic Discount Price
Single copy (contains 2 licenses) $10,000 $5,000
Extra network license
 (you can add extra network licenses at any time)
$4,000 $2,000
Add-Ons (must be applied to all licenses on your network)
High Content Analysis, per license $1,000 $750
Multicycle, first license $950 $950
Multicycle, subsequent licenses $300 $300
Publishing Hosting(Billed Annually) $200/Year $100/Year
21 CFR Part 11 Components
Logging, per license, per year $1,000 $650
Security, per user, per year $1,000 $650
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