Pricing - FCS Express 6 Flow Cytometry IVD

How do I get Pricing Information?

To obtain pricing for FCS Express 6 Flow Cytometry - IVD, please contact De Novo Software directly.  Labs that intend to use FCS Express for commercial  activities, which includes (without limitation) use of the product in connection with any services that you provide to your clients or customers, regardless of the manner in which you are compensated by those clients or customers are considered to be operating in a commercial environment and pricing for these facilities will be provided via a pricing estimate.

Every organization is different and De Novo Software can provide a custom solution for you. A price quotation will be based upon many factors. Some of the factors  taken into consideration are:

  • number of cases analyzed per month
  • number of proposed installation sites
  • amount of help desired to design and build new protocols
  • exact feature set required 
  • amount of integration with existing computing systems or LIS
If you are using FCS Express for non-commercial activities, we will provide special discount pricing.

Please contact us to speak with a representative and obtain your custom quotation.