FCS Express: Navigators

FCS Express has continued its legacy of intuitive and easy use with Navigators which allow three ways to organize and get an overview of your layout through the Layout, Gate, and Data Navigators.

  • The Layout Navigator allows users to see the contents of each page and information about each plot in the layout.
  • The Gate Navigator provides an overview of what gates are present in the layout and which plots gates are applied to.
  • The Data Navigator shows all of the open data files, and what plots are displaying them. New custom data sets can also be created and managed here to display scatter plots and bar plots.

All items in each navigator have the ability to be dragged and dropped onto the layout or plot providing the ability to create new plots, to gate and re-gate plots, to move plots from page to page, and more.

Navigators are also dockable and pinnable, allowing the user to place navigators in convenient positions around the layout. Pinning navigators allows the window to be hidden in a tab until needed by hovering the mouse over the tab.

Notice the Layout Navigator pinned and hidden and the Gate Navigator pinned and expanded on the right.