Exporting from NucleoView NC-3000 to FCS Express Image Cytometry

FCS Express Image Cytometry is fully compatible with data acquired on the NucleoCounter NC-3000 by Chemometec. This page contains instructions for exporting data acquired with the NucleoCounter NC-3000.

Exporting from the NucleoView NC-3000 software

From within the NucleoView NC-3000 Software: Simply choose File>Export Data (figure 1). The Export Data dialog will then open (figure 2) allowing you define the nature of the export. To export the data with images choose ACS from the Export format dropdown. To export only the data without images choose ACS excl. image data.

You also have the option to export as many or as few parameters to FCS Express that you would like. To add or remove parameters for export simply check or uncheck the box in the Export column with the Exported Parameters list.

Once the export format and parameters are defined simply click the Export button and open the file from its new location in FCS Express Image Cytometry using the ACS Format Files (*.acs) Files of type.


Figure 1- Choose File>Export Data to access the Export Data dialog.

Figure 2- The Export Data dialog allows you to choose to export with (ACS) or without (ACS excel. image data) images along with as many or as few parameters as you would like.


Figure 3- Choose the ACS Format Files (*.acs) Files of type in FCS Express to open the data exported from the NucleoView NC-3000 Software.